Climate Justice Victory – Shutting Down Colorado’s Dirtiest Coal Plant

Denver DSA has been fighting for over a year alongside frontline communities to shut down Colorado’s coal plants and make the just transition to clean, renewable, community-owned electricity. The dirtiest of these coal plants is now officially slated to close no later than January 1, 2031. It’s a huge victory and a testament to the power of mass organizing.

The Coal Plant That Never Should Have Been Built

The Comanche 3 coal plant is the largest polluter in the state.

The Comanche 3 coal plant is the largest polluter in Colorado. Offensively named after an indigenous nation that extractive capitalism itself waged genocide against, this plant has been met with opposition since it was proposed back in 2004.

Despite protests, lawsuits, outcry at public hearings, and the clear scientific evidence that a new coal plant would worsen the already serious climate crisis mounting, Xcel Energy moved forward with construction, with the blessing of the Public Utility Commission (PUC).

The plant went online in 2010 and Xcel hoped to run it until 2070. The massive facility has been pumping tons and tons of carbon dioxide and toxins into the atmosphere. The nearby working class, Latinx community in Pueblo bears the worst of the effects with many residents suffering from respiratory diseases.

Coloradans staged a die-in in 2010 opposing Xcel Energy’s decision to fire up a new coal plant.

The fight to close this plant has never let up. Over the past year, the EcoSocialist committee has been fighting in coalition with others to have the PUC do what it should have done from the beginning – shut this coal plant down.

People Power Forces Xcel to Concede

Thousands of Colorado residents wrote into the PUC demanding that the coal plant be shut down as soon as possible. Dozens of Pueblo residents testified at a public hearing. Over 100 people testified at the final statewide hearing demanding the same.

Xcel took notice. First they offered a 2040 closure date. Then, following the Pueblo hearing, tried making a backroom deal for a 2035 date. We kept fighting, insisting that the plant be closed by at least 2030, if not sooner.

The PUC expressed skepticism around the 2035 Xcel proposal. Another rally kept the pressure on the PUC to do the right thing.

Finally, on April 26, 2022 Xcel came back to the negotiating table and agreed to close the coal plant no later than January 1, 2031.

The Fight Continues to Close the Comanche Coal Plant As Early As Possible

While the newest deadline is great news and could not have happened without thousands of people standing up to Xcel’s profiteering, the fight is not over. This coal plant never should have been built in the first place. We’re experiencing unprecedented drought, wildfires, and heatwaves. Frontline communities still breath the poisoned air and every day more carbon is added to the atmosphere we’ll then need to draw back down.

We’ll take this opportunity to celebrate together with the many others fighting to get to this point. Then we’ll regroup and decide the best path forward to shut down coal once and for all and usher in a new clean and affordable energy system.

To get involved, email the EcoSocialist Committee at

Tell Denver City Council – No Dirty Backdoor Deal with Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy originally hoped to run their highest polluting electric plant, the Comanche Coal Plant, until 2040. Then hundreds of people wrote in and spoke out at public hearings demanding that they close the plant as soon as possible – 2030 at the latest.

In response, Xcel struck a backdoor deal with the City of Denver to keep running the coal plant until 2035, along with some nasty strings attached.

Luckily the Public Utility Commission is likely to amend or even reject this proposed settlement. We’re co-organizing a rally on Friday April 8th and a phone/email campaign telling Denver City Council to refuse any future agreement with Xcel and instead demand the Comanche 3 Coal Plant close by 2030 or sooner.

Attend the Coal Free Colorado Rally on Friday April 8th

Call or email your city council representative and tell them No Dirty Backdoor Deal for Xcel.

Denver is Turning its Back on its Climate Commitments by Signing the Xcel Settlement

Denver’s electricity provider, Xcel Energy, is trying to lock Colorado into 13 more years of coal while forcing customers to foot the bill… And the City of Denver supported it!

Here’s what’s wrong with the proposed settlement:

  1. It agrees that Comanche 3, the largest single source of climate pollution in Colorado, should operate until 2035.

    The settlement would require the Comanche 3 coal plant to burn coal until 2035– five years longer than any other coal plant in Colorado. This is the most unreliable power plant in the state, including being offline for nearly all of 2020 because of poor maintenance practices.

    The coal plant is the largest source of climate pollution in the state and is located in Pueblo, a low-income, Latino community. This community doesn’t even get the electricity from the plant — just the pollution. When the PUC held a hearing in Pueblo in October 2021, residents expressed overwhelming support for retiring the coal plant by 2030 at the latest.
  2. It prevents Comanche 3 from ever being closed earlier than 2035.

    The settlement would lock in a retirement date for Comanche 3 of December 31, 2034 that could never be changed, even as the plant continues to suffer malfunctions and more and more cheaper, cleaner alternatives become available. The single largest source of CO2 emissions will run for the next 14 years.
  3. It makes Xcel’s shareholders rich on the backs of Denver ratepayers.

    The settlement forces us ratepayers to pay Xcel $658 million to recover costs lost because of their mismanagement. We shouldn’t be on the hook to pay millions to Xcel’s Wall Street investment for their bad business decisions.

    The settlement also guarantees Xcel at least $626 million in new company-owned electric generation resources to replace the Comanche 3 coal plant after 2035. The more resources Xcel builds and owns, such as new wind turbines, solar panels, or gas plants, the more money their shareholders make. Typically, Xcel has to allow other companies to bid on new electric projects. For example, instead of setting up community-owned solar farms we would have to get our new electricity through Xcel, feeding their extractive monopoly.
  4. It assumes new gas plants would operate for at least 40 years.

    The settlement allows Xcel to assume that new gas plants would operate for 40 years – long after 2050, the date by which Xcel says it is aiming to be carbon-free. This violates Denver’s plan for 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, and Colorado’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2040.
  5. It will massively increase pollution from gas-fired power plants.

    The settlement says that the social cost of carbon will be used in dispatch starting in the summer of 2022. This means that gas generation will increase dramatically, to make up for the lost coal generation–because it is impossible for Xcel to acquire new renewables by next summer.

    Tell your City Council member and the Mayor that the City of Denver to protect people and the climate, rather than corporate profits!

Over One Hundred Colorado Residents Attend Public Hearing on Xcel’s Electric Resource Plan Demanding a Just Climate Transition

On Dec. 2, more than 100 people registered for a Zoom call hosted by the Public Utility Commission to hear what the public thought of Xcel’s 10-year plan. Scheduled to end at 6 p.m., the event ran well past 7.

Of the dozens and dozens who spoke, only four supported Xcel’s plan. The rest of us called it out for what it is: greenwashing.

Ryan Tindall testifies in front of the Public Utility Commission on the urgent need to reject Xcel’s plan and insist a swift and just transition to clean and renewable energy.

Xcel boasts that their “Landmark electric resource plan would cut carbon emissions an estimated 85% by 2030.”

The problem with that target is that it’s too late. The Biden administration’s national goal is 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035; Gov. Polis’ target is 100% renewable energy by 2040. Denver, Boulder, Pueblo, Fort Collins, Longmont, Golden, Summit County, Lafayette, Frisco, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Nederland, and Breckenridge each have set 100% renewable electricity targets by 2030 or 2035.

We’re already in the midst of a climate crisis. We’re feeling it first-hand with the record-setting heat waves, wildfires, mudslides, droughts and air pollution.

Xcel missed its window of opportunity to help avert climate catastrophe. Now the question is, how bad will we allow it to get?

To stave off the worst of the worst, community members overwhelmingly called for the following changes to Xcel’s plan:

Close all coal plants, especially the Comanche Coal Plant, the state’s dirtiest, most unreliable and expensive source of energy, by 2030 at the latest.

Do not pass on the cost of the Comanche Coal Plant to ratepayers. This coal plant was built in 2010 and it was largely opposed then. It was a bad investment that Xcel Energy needs to take responsibility for. The general public already is paying the price with our health and the challenges of an increasingly hostile climate.

Close the Arapahoe and Cherokee gas plants by 2030. Like the Comanche Coal plant, these have been polluting the air of its nearby mostly Latino, working-class neighborhoods, contributing to our severe ozone issue and of course climate change.

Set a 100% renewable electricity goal by 2040 at the very latest — to align with Colorado targets.

The outpouring of support for these demands has been overwhelming. The hearing on Dec. 2  featured voices ranging from ski industry representatives concerned about shrinking ski days, to local business owners wanting to purchase clean electricity, to indigenous leaders highlighting the devastation coal and gas brings to the land and their communities, to parents angry about the planet on which we’re raising, and eventually will pass along to, our kids.

A strong majority of Pueblo residents (30 opposing Xcel’s plan, 7 neutral and 8 in favor) spoke out at an earlier public hearing in October. More than 1,000 residents have submitted written comments to the same effect.

Xcel Tries Striking a Backdoor “Settlement”

This surge in public participation prompted Xcel to have work behind closed doors with the city of Boulder and Denver and other parties to devise a counter-offer.

Originally the plan was to run the Comanche Coal plant until 2040. In this new deal, that closure date would be moved up to 2035. It would also pass on some of the cost of the bad investment to us ratepayers. 

At the Dec. 2 statewide hearing, however, we residents made clear that 2030 is the hard line for closing those coal- and gas-fired plants. We can’t have Xcel making closed-door deals that undermine the strong public consensus on this.

This post was taken largely from EcoSocialist Chair Clayton Dewey’s op-ed in the Colorado Sun, with his permission.

 Join the Fight Demanding Xcel Energy Transition to Clean, Affordable Renewable Energy

Xcel Energy is the largest provider of energy in the state of Colorado. If you live in the Metro Denver area, chances are Xcel is your electric utility. Thanks to community and activist efforts over the years, Colorado has passed measures forcing the company to increase its use of clean, renewable energy. Despite this, Xcel still sources 63% of its energy from fossil fuels and continues to oppose efforts to move faster. 

Meanwhile Xcel siphons over half a billion in profits annually to Wall Street investors, and seeks to grow that annually, despite electricity becoming cheaper thanks to renewables. 

A key opportunity to shift Xcel to clean, affordable and renewable energy is its Electric Resource Plan (ERP). An ERP is a ten year plan for how Xcel will power the state and how much they can profit from it. The ERP maps out what coal and gas plants close and by when as well as what new projects like wind and solar will come on line. 

Xcel’s Plan to Increase Our Energy Bills and Continue Fossil Fuel Profiteering

Xcel wants to run the Comanche Coal Plant, the state’s largest polluter, until 2039.

Xcel released their preferred plan in 2021 and unsurprisingly they want to keep profiting off fossil fuels at the expense of us and the planet. 

Key items include: 

Continued pollution and fueling the climate crisis literally means more death in already suffering communities.

Denver Ecosocialists’ Clean Energy Plan for the People

Instead we need a plan that will lower our energy bills, transition to clean energy and democratize the grid.

We demand the following: 

  • Close all coal plants and the Arapahoe and Cherokee gas plants by 2030
  • Transition to 100% renewable energy for Denver by 2030
  • Help coal and natural gas plant employees’ transition to new jobs by covering their workplace training costs and guarantee them a well-paying union job
  • Increase rooftop solar by lifting the net metering cap and paying us fully for the electricity we contribute to the grid from solar panels
  • Democratize the grid by building rooftop solar, parking lot solar, community owned  storage, and upgrading the grid to support this distributed energy.
  • Finance all new projects through public banking to save money and invest money back into our communities (not Wall Street).
  • Lower our energy bills by passing on the savings renewable energy will bring, not allow Xcel to keep raising rates and pocketing the profits.

How We Win

Xcel’s Electricity Resource Plan must be approved by the Public Utility Commission (PUC), a section of our state government. The PUC exists to, 

“serve the public interest by effectively regulating utilities and facilities so that the people of Colorado receive safe, reliable, and reasonably-priced services consistent with the economic, environmental and social values of our state.”

Four governor-appointed people serve on the PUC- 

  • Republican Doug Dean, Director
  • Democrat Eric Blank, Commissioner
  • Democrat Megan Gilman, Commissioner 
  • Independent John C. Gavan, Commissioner

Their track record of regulating Xcel “consistent with the economic, environmental and social values of our state” is a mixed bag, to put it generously. However, when public attention is on, they have followed through with their responsibilities.

It’s up to each of us to raise our voices and make clear to the PUC that they need to stand up to Xcel’s lobbyists and do the right thing by passing a plan that reduces our energy bills by shifting to clean, affordable and renewable energy.

Thousands Of Us Commented on the Plan

All Colorado residents, regardless of age and citizenship, can leave a public comment on Electric Resource Plans. Every comment is read and tallied by the PUC.

Over a thousand people commented in favor of clean energy, much more than the opposition. You can read those comments by visiting the Colorado Government’s Archive of Electronic Filings.

Search for Documents with a Proceeding Number of 21A-0141E and Document Type Comments.

Pueblo Residents Demand the Comanche Coal Plant Close

On October 28, 2021 over two hundred Pueblo residents spoke out against Xcel’s plan to run the state’s largest, dirtiest coal plant, until 2040. 2030 is the absolute latest we can run coal to avoid the worst of an already worsening climate crisis.

Over 200 Pueblo residents testified at the PUC public hearing, the vast majority calling for the Comanche Coal Plant to close early.

Over Hundred Coloradans Speak Out at the Statewide Public Hearing

Hundreds again showed up on December 2, 2021 to continue demanding a swift and just transition. The meeting was scheduled to end at 6pm but ran well past 7. Person after person spoke out in favor of the above demands.

Organizing in Response to the Final Electric Resource Plan

The Public Utility Commission will announce their final decision on Xcel’s Electric Resource Plan in the spring of 2022.

We’re organizing contingency plans for the various outcomes that could come out from this process. Whatever the PUC decides, we’ll continue to work to end the fossil fuel era, democratize the grid and win energy justice.

If you have any other questions or just want to get involved, email us at or attend an upcoming meeting.

We have a world to win!

Close the Comanche 3 Coal Plant

The Comanche 3 Coal Plant is the largest single source of air pollution in Colorado. It’s a massive generating station southeast of Pueblo where you can see the smoke from miles away. To avert the worst of the climate crisis we need to shut it down as soon as possible.

A Bad Idea from the Beginning

One of the tragedies of the Comanche Coal Plant is that it was built in 2010. We were already experiencing record-breaking heat waves and other extreme weather events from climate change. It was clear then that building new coal plants was a death sentence.

Yet, Xcel Energy pushed for the project and the Public Utility Commission (PUC), responsible for regulating Xcel, gave the project the green light.

The project cost nearly a $1 billion to build. Since it came on line, not only has the electricity been dirty, but it has struggled to even work. Break downs have cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fix. It’s one of the most expensive, unreliable sources of energy in our state.

It’s criminal that Xcel built this coal plant and that the PUC allowed the project to go through.

Glaring Example of Environmental Racism

The Comanche Coal Plant sits near the heavily working class and Latino city of Pueblo. One out of every ten adults has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, more than twice the state average. As is so often the case, frontline communities endure the worst harms of running coal while Wall Street investors reap the profits.

Join the Fight to Close the Comanche Coal Plant

Originally Xcel planned on running the coal plant until 2070. After public outcry and determined organizing, that date was pushed back to 2050, then again to 2040 and now finally 2035. However, the science is clear that coal needs to wind down by 2030.

Xcel just proposed its ten year plan to the Public Utility Commission (PUC). The PUC is responsible for listening to public comments and deciding what the final plan will be.

Hundreds of people have already submitted comments telling the PUC to close all coal plants, especially Comanche 3, by 2030.

Luckily, the PUC has new commissioners from the one that approved construction of the plant in the first place. We have a good chance of convincing them to do the right thing, but we need to show an outpouring of support for closing the coal plant to make that happen.

Three ways to help Close the Comanche Coal Plant

  1. Write a comment demanding that the Comanche 3 Coal Plant close.
  2. Join our DSA Climate Comment & Watch Party on December 2nd
  3. Email to join us in building power for a Just Transition

Denver DSA, 9to5 Colorado continue fight against slumlords

Through our eviction defense work alongside 9 to 5 Colorado, our housing justice committee uncovered at least 25 evictions filed against tenants of Pine Creek Apartments in southeast Denver. Former Pine Creek residents escaped a building fire in August and were forced to relocate, only to find out that management had started eviction proceedings against them. Our amazing members got a mention in Denverite’s coverage of the story this week:

Lauren Echo, a member of the Denver Democratic Socialists group’s housing committee, said that after seeing the unusual number of eviction cases stemming from Pine Creek, members of her group visited the complex and saw eviction notices posted on the door, behind the fence. They realized many tenants may not have been informed and set out to find as many as they could, searching the internet in some cases.  Echo worries about those they have not reached, who may end up with eviction records without knowing a court has ruled.

“That’s what’s especially bull**** here,” Echo said, adding that with an eviction record, it will be “for the rest of their lives more difficult for them to get housing. It has a permanent effect on people’s lives.”

Denver DSA member and tenant’s rights attorney Jason Legg is representing several former resident’s and has filed a class action suit against management:

Jason Legg said Tschetter Sulzer lawyers used stock eviction legalese that “doesn’t tell tenants exactly why it is they’re facing eviction. It lists every possible reason they might be. Why is that OK?”

We won’t accept slumlords or their unconscionable behavior in our communities. Housing is a human right! With more intense waves of evictions and houseless sweeps on the horizon, we know tenant organizing is as critical as ever. Join the fight to empower one another to stand up:

Demand to Drop Charges Against Denver Antiracist Activists

On Sept. 17, police targeted and arrested several antiracist activists in Denver: Trey Quinn, Joel Northam, Eliza Lucero, Russell Ruch, Lillian House and Terrance Roberts.

17th District Attorney Dave Young charged activists with 33 felony counts and 34 misdemeanor charges, from stealing counter-protest signs to inciting a riot and kidnapping. On Thursday Sept. 24, all remaining organizers were bailed out. They face a long and trying road ahead.

Let us first recognize the ultimate tragedy that has transpired: Elijah McClain should be here. Randy Roedema, Nathan Woodyard and Jason Rosenblatt still have jobs in Aurora PD, funded by our taxes. They still walk free. They can still call their mothers. Elijah cannot.

More than a year has passed since APD officers, with the assistance of paramedics Jeremy Cooper and Ryan Walker, murdered Elijah. DA Young has failed to take any meaningful steps whatsoever toward justice for Elijah and his family.

The activists and organizers gathered the community peacefully on several occasions to demand action, including July 3.

The 17th District DA’s office expects us to accept the notion that APD officers—with a multimillion dollar budget, firearms, riot gear, chemical & military-grade weapons and vehicles— were “kidnapped” by unarmed protestors with cardboard signs and plastic swim goggles as they sat inside APD headquarters for a few hours. Now, the state is attempting to put these activists in cages for years to make examples out of them.

We condemn this blatant fascism with a full-throated cry: These charges are disgusting, overt retaliation. They are the product of a deeply corrupt system— one built to favor white supremacy and stifle our fight for justice. In bringing the community together to protest this rotten reality, community organizers confronted this system at its core. We echo and uplift the demands that all charges be dropped against every individual, and reject this assault on the movement and free speech.

We ask that Aurora & Denver community show up in solidarity with all political prisoners this Saturday Sept. 25 on the Capitol steps at noon. If you’re able, donate:

We implore you to ask:

Who will be left to speak for you?

Sign Our Petition To Defund The Police!

In response to the police murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Elijah McClain, Marvin Booker, Michael Marshall, Alexis Mendez-Perez, Andres Guardado, Tamir Rice, and countless others—Denver DSA voted this weekend to endorse and launch a campaign to Defund & Dismantle the Denver and Aurora Police Departments.

This is the first step to show officials in Aurora and Denver the growing movement behind these demands. Keep your eyes peeled for future actions to make our voices heard! We will settle for nothing short of the abolition of the police state and the prison industrial complex. But that road is long: we need everyone to fight together for freedom! Fill out this form to get involved.

We know that racist violence and the policing of poverty are not flaws in the system—they are the system working as designed. Elected officials (and the wealthy interests that support them) decided long ago that they would rather police and incarcerate Black, Brown, Indigenous and working people over supporting our communities with affordable and accessible housing, schools & health care, good unionized jobs and community resources.

The city of Denver spends nearly twenty times on law enforcement what it does on housing, and five times what it spends on housing, homelessness, and public health combined. We demand Denver and Aurora’s elected leaders unequivocally reject this status quo. Police have no role in a society where everyone is free from oppression, where each of us are afforded opportunities to flourish and thrive, where care and comfort replace crime and punishment.

We’re building a multiracial coalition of families, faith leaders, teachers, union members, and working class people committed to defunding the police, and rebuilding our cities.


Toward True Independence: Events in Denver Metro This Fourth of July Weekend

As socialists, we harshly condemn any celebration of “Independence” Day, a day that reveres the establishment of a country with codified beliefs that Black lives do not matter. Honoring the founding of the United States of America is an egregious insult to the Indigenous populations of these lands, which white colonizers claimed through genocide. Waving the flag of “freedom” is a taunt to the countless nations our government administrations have stifled and attacked through imperial wars and colonial aggression. The anniversary of the USA is no cause for celebration, but rather a solemn occasion to organize, protest and fight for a socialist transformation of this country.

Looking for ways to fight for a better world this weekend? We have a few suggestions:

Protest and march against killer Aurora PD cops: Time’s Up, APD!

  • Demand Justice for Elijah McClain tomorrow evening, Friday, July 3 with our PSL Denver comrades. Don’t forget to wear face masks and unmarked clothing!

Rally against ICE: No Freedom Until We #FreeThemAll Festival & Rally

  • Join Abolish ICE Denver comrades at the GEO Group facility (who’ve been camping out for over a month!) to protest the concentration camps in our own backyard. Come by on July 4 for an all-day festival: From 10 AM to 10 PM Saturday there will be a rally, market, music, and vigil for those caged under these inhumane conditions in the name of profit.

March at the Rise Up 4th of July Rally

  • Starting at Manual High School at 5:00 PM on Saturday, July 4, youth-led organization 10for10 will be marching to rally against the oppression of marginalized communities in the US.

Provide Jail Support

  • Help out with Jail Support at the Denver City Jail! We receive recently caged individuals with love and care by giving out water, food, masks and compassion. More info:

Take time this weekend to honor and remember the Indigenous people of this land, as well as all those who have been murdered and victimized in the name of this country. Further, please take care of yourselves, your families, and your community! Our souls may be tired, but we know that a better world is possible.

In solidarity,

Denver DSA Steering Committee

Denver Labor Capitol Action Highlights Governor’s Failure to Address Housing Crisis

Community leaders and Denver DSA members took over the Colorado State Capitol complex Wednesday to demand immediate action from Gov. Jared Polis to prevent mass displacement in the coming weeks and months, as federal unemployment dries up and eviction moratoriums are set to expire.

“Without immediate action, hundreds of thousands of renters are going to get swept away by a tsunami of evictions across our state, adding a housing crisis on top of our ongoing public health crisis and civil unrest,” said Aurora Councilmember Juan Marcano. “Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action. This can be prevented with bold leadership by our governor—but only if he has the will to do it.”

Denver DSA hosted a meal service in the afternoon with Denver Homeless Out Loud, Colorado Jobs With Justice and the Colorado Poor People’s Campaign. The groups set up dozens of tents across the Capitol lawn to symbolize the 400,000 Coloradans who are imminently vulnerable to eviction in the absence of any meaningful steps to keep communities housed.

Attendees included dozens of laid off restaurant workers who donated food, labor and supplies:

“So many of us have already lost so much,” said Denver DSA labor organizer Mariah Wood, who was laid off because of COVID-19. “I had to vacate my apartment back in May because I hadn’t received my unemployment for close to two months, and had no hope of catching up on the rent I owed. I had no idea when the eviction moratorium would expire, and kept getting notices from my landlord. I was desperate, and had to throw out everything that wouldn’t fit in the back seat of my car. Hundreds of thousands of people have been laid off due to the virus, and the state is being forced to close businesses again due to its resurgence. More and more people are going to be forced to make the same decision I did.”

We categorically reject any city budget that continues to entertain massive vanity projects while simultaneously turning a blind eye to its unhoused residents. As unemployment and homelessness continue to spike, we will continue fighting to cancel rent and evictions. Solidarity, reinvestment, and a people-centered approach to the pressing needs of our communities are the way forward, toward true housing security for all.

“As unprecedented amounts of federal dollars flow toward relief from this global pandemic, our Governor and Mayor have failed to meaningfully address the now exponentially exacerbated housing crisis,” said Denver City Councilmember Candi CdeBaca. “In Denver, we know only a fraction of people in need are receiving support. Over 100,000 Denver residents face months of unpaid rent, looming evictions, and nightly protests. Unrest is rising. The city cannot rest, elected officials cannot rest, until the people are also able to rest comfortably in their beds. We need an immediate cancellation of rents and mortgages now.”

CONTACT: Kaley LaQuea, Communications Chair